Being a dentist was voted one of the best jobs in 2015 by the US News and World Report. Dentistry does require a lot of time and education, but apparently…

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Why Is Being a Dentist among the Best Jobs of 2015

Being a dentist was voted one of the best jobs in 2015 by the US News and World Report. Dentistry does require a lot of time and education, but apparently the benefits are worth it. Let’s take a look at why dentists are considered to have one of the best careers of 2015.


Dentistry is a growing field and there is plenty of room for new professionals to jump in. The field is expected to experience increased growth until about 2022. If you are looking for a new profession or just starting your own, there is room in the dental field for you.


Most dentists own a private practice, allowing them to choose flexible hours. Being a dentist is a full-time job, but weekly hours can be chosen at your leisure. Do you want to work Monday through Friday? Maybe you prefer to work late hours and weekends to benefit working professionals. The options are almost unending!


Dentists do very important work and are, therefore, compensated nicely. Most dentists make between $75,000 and $150,000 a year.


There are many teams in the dental field. In a private practice, the dentist, hygienists and lab technicians all work together to better their patient’s oral health. Some dental offices have many dentists working together on similar patients, creating more teams in the work environment. Teaming together makes for an enjoyable work experience. Fortunately, dentists get to be a part of many teams.

Job Satisfaction

Being a dentist can be very satisfying as well and not just because it pays well. Dentists perform an important service. We all need to keep up with our oral health, and dentists help educate us on how to do that. They are also trained to deal with oral issues if they come up. Helping the community as a dentist would be a satisfying career.


There are many benefits to becoming a dentist, as you can see, but you may be wondering now, “How do I become a dentist?” Well, becoming a dental professional requires a lot of schooling and most people begin in high school by taking advanced classes in chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology. An undergrad then takes the Dental Admissions Test. Scoring high marks on this test is important, but it certainly is not all that is needed to get into dental school. Students must pass all classes with top marks as well. Dentists are never done learning. Even as professionals they have to keep up with scientific and technological changes in the world.

It’s never too late to get started though. Find out what you need to do to enter the dentistry field, whatever life stage you find yourself in now.

As one of the best jobs of 2015, dentists receive a lot of recognition for the work they do. We all appreciate their dedication to us as patients. You, too, can have a career that satisfies; maybe dentistry is that choice for you.

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