You may be a dental expert when it comes to treatments and procedures, but does your expertise carry over into the social aspect of your practice? Are you a Facebook…

Top 10 Dentists in Social Media 2012

2012 Edition – Top 10 Dentists in Social Media

You may be a dental expert when it comes to treatments and procedures, but does your expertise carry over into the social aspect of your practice? Are you a Facebook aficionado or are you still trying to figure out what a “tweet” even is? Last year, we compiled a list of who we thought were some of the top dentists in social media. These dentists go the extra mile to interact with their patients and spread the latest dental news, so we wanted to honor them again this year. With some new additions and some returning favorites, these dentists not only excel in the dental world, but the social media world as well. Check out why we chose these well-connected dentists to make the top 10 list this year.

1. Dr. Gregory Cole. Returning from last year is the California-based dentist and blogger, Dr. “Flap” Cole. Dr. Cole consistently updates his Flap’s Dentistry Blog with all the latest news in the dental industry and other current events in health (and that’s not even his only website!). His posts are very informative and thorough. He continues to be a part of the Twitter and Facebook community, updating frequently for more than 36,000 Twitter followers.

2. Dr. Thomas P. Connelly. Having been in practice for over 15 years, Dr. Connelly knows dentistry.  He blogs about common dental problems and procedures on the Huffington Post. We chose to include Dr. Connelly on our list again this year because he really interacts with people (like his 15,000+ Twitter followers) and posts often about common dental topics as well as some that are a little more unusual.

3. Dr. Todd Welch. Dr. Welch is a periodontist in Tennessee and the author of The Science of Dentistry Blog. Dr. Welch is very active on both Facebook and Twitter, updating his accounts regularly to accommodate thousands of followers. He also keeps up with his YouTube account, uploading interesting and informative videos about implants and periodontal procedures.

4. Dr. John Flucke. Dr. Flucke continues to be active in the Twitter community and frequently updates his Dental Technology Blog with news about technology beyond just the dental world. We chose to add him to our list for the second year in a row because he remains active on Twitter and his blog, keeping all his followers up to date with the latest in dental technology and actively responding to his followers on Twitter and elsewhere.

5. Dr. Jacob Lipscomb. Dr. Lipscomb remains near the top of our list this year as a dentist continuing to thrive in social media. He continues to be active on both Facebook and Twitter while still running his Social Media for Dentists website and blog dedicated to helping other dentists get involved in social media. He even has a YouTube account on which he posts helpful videos about social media and dentistry.

6. Dr. Lorne Lavine. Dr. Lavine is a dentist in California and founder of Dental Technology Consultants. He continues to actively run the Digital Dentist Blog, a blog filled with helpful information on the latest technology available to dentists. Dr. Lavine also remains an active part of Twitter and Facebook. He does a great job keeping his readers updated with consistent blog posts, tweets and Facebook updates, and that is why he made our list again this year.

7. The Frangellas. A new addition to our list this year is Dr. Frangella—all three of them. The Frangella siblings run a dental practice in New York and take turns posting on the Relatively Dental Blog they run on their website. In addition, they consistently keep their Twitter and Facebook followers updated with the latest dental news. We chose the Frangellas because of their frequent activity on Facebook and Twitter and their informative blog covering anything and everything on the topic of dentistry.

8. Dr. Larry Emmott. Dr. Emmott has a lot of experience in general dentistry and dental technology, which he shares with us on his blog, Emmott on Technology. He updates his blog frequently, and he also connects with people through Facebook, Twitter and his own personal web page. We chose to keep Dr. Emmott on our list because he really connects with everyone—not just dentists–through his easygoing blog posts, and because he continues to be active on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

9. Brookside Dental. Also making their debut on our list this year is Brookside Dental. The Washington dental practice caters to its many followers on Twitter and Facebook by frequently updating with helpful dental tips and information. The husband and wife team also actively runs a blog, which clues readers and patients in on some helpful hints and tricks to a healthy mouth.

10. Dr. Michael McCarthy & Dr. Cristen D. Lindal. Rounding out our top 10 are doctors Michael McCarthy and Cristen Lindal, who run a practice in Camarillo, California. They actively update their blog with helpful dental reminders and tips for patients. They also have a Facebook page, which they consistently use to post tips, recognize patients and interact with their followers.

Even if you’re not a dentist, go check out their sites and see for yourself why we think they deserve to be recognized. If there’s anyone else you think we should have included, nominate them in the comments section for an honorable mention!

  1. We cannot simply avoid the immense potential of social media these days. Glad that there are people who share similar thoughts and active concern! Kudos for the social presence :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the 10 top dentists in Social Media. I will stopping by their blogs for useful tips. I share some dental posts on my blog as well, but it’s mostly on personal development. Again great blog:-)

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  7. this is interesting, but how about hygienists? are there any major hygiene blogs/bloggers worth following out there? I would be interested to see what you think!

  8. Interesting list, but some of these sites do not allow comments on their blog articles or they are blogging about topics other than dentistry. Of the thousands of dental blogs connected with websites across the country, what criteria did you use to arrive at this list of ten?

    • Great question, Angela. We chose our list based on dentists who strive to personally engage with both patients and the dental/health community. There are certainly many deserving and socially savvy dentists out there, which is why we plan to continue to update our list. Thanks for commenting!

  9. Its good you shared with us. Most of the doctors stay in hospital and do not participate in social media or anyothers. But from this list we had come to know that not only in the medical field they shine and also in social media too.

  10. We are honored to have been included in your Top Ten List of dentists using social media. We have enjoyed reading other information from the list and hope that other dentists can gain useful information from us. Thanks again.

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