Updated: 2/4/2020 The tide is turning in the field of dentistry as more and more new dentists are women. It’s unclear what has caused this sudden increase in female dentists,…

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Top 5 Women in the Dental Industry

Updated: 2/4/2020

The tide is turning in the field of dentistry as more and more new dentists are women. It’s unclear what has caused this sudden increase in female dentists, but there’s no denying its rapid growth. According to Diringer and Associates, out of new professionally active dentists (those who graduated dental school in the past 10 years), 38 percent are female. Collectively, 60 percent of dentists who are 44 years old or below are women.

And as the number of women in the dental industry has increased, so has their recognition for excellence in their field. Dentalproductsreport.com recently published an article entitled, “Top 25 Women in Dentistry.” The women were chosen based upon hundreds of nominations. The women who made the cut were chosen based upon the number of nominations they received, the quality of the nominations and the writer’s ability to demonstrate the woman’s clear contribution to the dental community.

Here we’ll show you the top five on their list and why they were chosen as part of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry:

1. Dr. Anissa HolmesHolmes is one of those rare owners of a dental practice who is a woman, which has probably added to her success. (Most women in the field of dentistry only work part time and do not own their own practice.) After practicing dentistry for several years in the United States, Holmes moved to Jamaica and started Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services. She has established, from the very beginning, an office of excellence on the island.

Holmes is recognized for several things. First, she’s always finding new ways to reach out to her patients in a way that dispels their fear of going to the dentist and makes them feel comfortable. Her focus and her passion has been building relationships and correcting smiles.

Second, she spends countless hours each year continuing her education so she can be at the top of her game in the dental industry, understanding the changing dynamic of dentistry and the new technologies that impact her field.

Third, she is recognized for her outstanding service to her community. Holmes and her team go to basic and primary schools in Jamaica several times a year teaching children about oral health and encouraging them to be their best. She also gives away a smile makeover each year to someone who really needs it but can’t afford it on their own.

2. Jennifer Fullem. Fullem is an office manager at Sharon B. Mateja, D.D.S. Esthetic Restorative Dentistry. Although Fullem isn’t directly involved with clinical patient care, she’s the face of her dental office. She is the first to greet the patients when they come in and the last to say good-bye when they leave. Put in this position, Fullem continually educates herself on what is happening in the world of dentistry and the changing technologies that are available. She wants to be a help to all of the office’s patients. Educating herself on all there is to know about dentistry allows her to simplify and explain complex treatment plans to patients. This helps patients make an informed decision, which allows them to complete their dentistry at a pace that is comfortable for them and appropriate to their needs.

Apart from her initiative to educate herself on important dental practices, Fullem implements and maintains the office’s various office systems and procedures while also training the staff to use the new state-of-the-art technology their office acquires as the need arises.

3. Bobbie Jo RedmonRedmon is a dental assistant in an office of 30 employees that regularly sees 120 patients every day. Redmon is recognized for her ability to balance all of the demands of her job while still maintaining a positive patient experience. She first began her career as a part-time receptionist and has worked her way up to a clinical supervisor, surpassing all of the dental assistants and hygienists in her office. Her focus comes from striving to make a difference in the lives of her patients through their dental health, cosmetic appearance and helping to improve their self-esteem.

4. Dr. Janet HarrisonHarrison is the chair of the Department of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry in Memphis. She teaches the basics of operative dentistry and is beloved by her students. As a teacher, she comes alongside young dental students to teach them the basics of dentistry and helps them along as they grow into dentists or dental assistants.

5. Collen Kelleher-Sorrentino, CFAKelleher-Sorrentino is a dental financial advisor. She helps her clients with their financial goals. She works with individuals, families, institutions and endowments. She gives each client an in-depth analysis of their overall financial picture to help them develop a sound financial plan for them. Although working behind the scenes, she has made herself known for her excellent work in the dental industry through her financial planning and coaching.

Who would you nominate as one of the top women in the dental industry?


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