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Discount Dental for International Students

Discount Dental for International Students in the USA

international students

When students come from other countries to the USA, there are many challenges they have to face in adjusting to American culture. One of these challenges is finding adequate health and dental plans for students that they can afford. The high cost to get a tooth worked on here in America is shocking to many international students. Consequently, most never go to the dentist while living here.

Some students come from countries in which the government offers discount dental to students and others to make it more affordable to the people. Others may come from backgrounds where healthcare is not even talked about much. However, in America there are options for students seeking oral care including: strategic planning of dental appointments during visits to a home country, dental schools, or discount dental plans.

Discount Dental Plans

The most common-sense option to receive discount dental for students would be to join a dental plan designed to save the patient money. Sometimes universities provide plans for student employees that take a deduction from their paychecks, and other universities have partnerships with a dental discount for students savings plan. These will range from traditional insurance plans to discount plans. One would do well to do a little research since the provided option may not be the best. A quick search on the internet may reveal a better discount dental for students option. Things to look for with a plan will include price, waiting periods, savings, maximums, and the size of the dental network. There are a wide range of choices depending on the part of the United States the international student is studying in. It may even be possible to see a dentist who speaks the language of the student’s home country.

Get Dental Care at Home

Another option for finding discount dental for students is waiting until visiting home. If the student does not have a major emergency, it may be possible to schedule most dentist appointments during trips to his or her home country. However, if a student has a major problem, personal health may be at risk if he or she delays a visit to the dentist. Dentistry standards in other countries may or may not have the same level of excellence as those in the United States, so this option may be less favorable. However, despite the cost of the plane trip, if a student needs dental work, it occasionally will make sense to save enough money to make the trip, not to mention the included benefit of seeing family and friends.

Dentistry School

A third option to look into for discount dental for students is visiting a dentistry school. Dentistry schools across the nation provide discount dental work for anyone willing to provide an opportunity for their dental students to practice. There are only a handful of dentistry schools, so wait times for appointments can be significant. Most work at dentistry schools is done by students, so it is important to recognize that the practitioner is not a certified professional. A dentistry school on campus where an international student studies could be a very convenient location.

International students need dental care as much as anyone else. In order to receive discount dental for students during time in the USA, international students would do well to look into discount dental plans, dentistry schools, and scheduling appointments during home visits, and then weigh the costs and benefits to make a smart decision. By talking to locals and other international students, you may be able find good advice on other ways to save money.


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