Find out more about dental tourism and if it is really a beneficial option for you.

Dental Tourism

Updated: 2/26/2020

Are you tired of paying too much for your dentistry? While some American patients resort to dental tourism, specifically seniors, individual dental plans may be a more affordable, quality solution.

Due to rising healthcare costs, many in the U.S. still believe that visiting a dentist office overseas will ensure a cheaper price for their treatments. However, these cheap dentists may cost quality. Poor care could even force you into a hospital, where to fix the damage you will have to pay an even higher bill than the one you were trying to avoid.

If you are still considering traveling abroad for your dentistry, here’s the scoop about the most common destinations.


Americans living near the border of Mexico have been traveling into the heart of this country, planning to find cheaper treatment.  Many patients are attracted to the prices that small Mexican practices provide. Most Mexican dentists charge as little as half the cost that American dentists do. Unfortunately, there are risks to having your teeth cared for in Mexico – about 60% of its practicing dentists are unlicensed!


Some patients in need of oral surgery consider flying to Thailand. Costs are dramatically lower and patients are generally happy with the care there. Still, risks exist for treatment in this country as well. You won’t know if the dentist(s) treating you are qualified, and you will be a long way from home if your cheap dental procedures result in infection.


About four years ago, the BBC noticed an interesting pattern in Europe. Many Europeans were traveling to Hungary for their dentistry. The Kreativ clinic in Budapest had Dutch, Irish and English patients enter into its offices, as it offered individuals substantially cheaper care. While the cost of implants in England ranged from 1,000-2,000 pounds, in Hungary, implants cost the equivalent of only 580 pounds. Patients are still visiting Hungary for individual care today. Dentistry in Hungary may or may not be safer than in Mexico and Thailand.

Overall, dentists in the U.S. are worried about treatment abroad. American dentists are concerned that patients aren’t getting the quality treatment they deserve by going out of the country for care. Dentists abroad are seldom called upon for regular treatment, and treat emergency cases most of the time. Cheap international dentists may or may not be qualified, and American dentists want patients to have the best care possible.

Many U.S. dentists recommend patients to attend consistent visits at a local provider who accepts individual plans. There are many affordable dental solutions available in the U.S. to decrease your dentist bills, so search for the right one for you to avoid unnecessary risks and travel time.

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