Updated: 2/18/2020 Did you realize there were so many dental apps for iPhone and iPad? From games to glossaries to helpful little tools, the world of teeth is well represented…

Top Dental Apps

Updated: 2/18/2020

Did you realize there were so many dental apps for iPhone and iPad? From games to glossaries to helpful little tools, the world of teeth is well represented in the Apple App Store. Here are a few we thought you might like:

Tooth First Aid, by Rainmaker

  • Summary: This app gives first aid information based on the type of injury or situation and directs users to nearby dental offices.
  • Pro: Users can easily select the situation (like “My crown fell out!” or “My tooth chipped!”) and read simple, clear information on what steps to take. It also shows dentist locations on a map.
  • Con: It may not include every emergency situation, and the list of dentists can only include so much information.

iBracesHelp, by The Dental Specialists

  • Summary: iBracesHelp is a resource for anyone with braces or even considering orthodontic treatment. It includes helpful descriptions, photos and videos on caring for your braces and dealing with discomfort or other problems.
  • Pro: Each section is clearly listed, including such categories as “Comfort Tips” and “Elastics Info.” It seems to contain very practical information about how to deal with orthodontic work.
  • Con: Some users have had issues with not being able to go back to the main page of the app once they entered a section.

Tooth Brushing Motivator, by Dr. Illing

  • Summary: This simple app lets you adjust the settings for the duration you would like to brush, which hand you use, and whether you want to include audio. It shows a diagram of the mouth and indicates which section you should brush at which time.
  • Pro: Its simplicity makes it perfectly easy to pull up when you’re ready to brush.
  • Con: It could be a little more visually appealing.

Monster Mouth DDS, by Breaktime Studios

  • Summary: Users have to clean a monster’s nasty teeth before its mouth slams shut. Users can rub the monster’s teeth to remove plaque and X-ray them to find tiny cracks, for example. If they’re not gentle and cause the monster “pain,” it slams its mouth shut and the game is over.
  • Pro: It encourages proper dental hygiene by showing the detrimental effects of not taking care of your teeth.
  • Con: It trivializes some more important dental issues with misleading information. For example, if you find a cracked tooth with the X-ray, you’re supposed to blow the tooth up with a bomb. Cavities are portrayed as little creatures living in the teeth, and all you have to do to remove them is pull the creature out with tongs. This could make poor dental hygiene almost seem “cool” if you get to interact with little creatures and blow things up.

Dentistry Encyclopedia, by MauGoH

  • Summary: The Dentistry Encyclopedia includes information and photos about many dental terms and issues.
  • Pro: You can copy/paste text and images into emails or even other applications for later use.
  • Con: The information could probably be organized a little better.

To see a longer list of dental apps, visit the Bibby Library News & Tips page.

Do you use a dental app?

  1. I didn’t know there were so many. As much as I would love to use the Tooth Brushing Motivator app, it seems so tedious to have an iPhone on one hand and my toothbrush on the other. I was wondering too, can these apps work without an internet connection?

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