Updated: 2/5/2020 Brushing your teeth for the recommended two minutes, twice a day (if at all), can be challenging, particularly for kids. Fortunately, that’s where smartphones can help! There are dental…

Dental Apps: Improving Your Dental Experience

Updated: 2/5/2020

Brushing your teeth for the recommended two minutes, twice a day (if at all), can be challenging, particularly for kids. Fortunately, that’s where smartphones can help!

There are dental and health apps being created all the time to motivate and encourage people to take care of themselves in these two areas. In the world of dental, these apps can help us practice good dental habits.

Below are five of the best dental apps (all free) that can help children and parents alike with brushing their teeth for the right amount of time. They’ll time you, motivate you to brush and make this morning and evening ritual a little less mundane.

5 Best Dental Apps

1. Aquafresh Brush Time

This app was designed to make brushing teeth fun for kids, and less of a headache for parents trying to motivate their kids to brush their teeth. With Aquafresh Brush Time, your children can create their own customizable character, called a Nurdle, which they can dress up in shirts, hats, sunglasses, etc. And the app can hold several different Nurdles at one time so your kids won’t have to fight over who gets to make a Nurdle.

After customizing the Nurdle, the Nurdle gets the kids ready to brush their teeth and tells them, while they’re brushing, when they need to switch to another area of the mouth. As the time counts down from two minutes, a song plays to get the children dancing along as they brush. (Two minutes is the recommended time to brush your teeth so the Nurdle counts it down for them with the fun song). When your child is done brushing his/her teeth, they can then earn points just for brushing their teeth that can later be used to further customize their Nurdle.

2. Brush DJ

Maybe it’s not just your kids that need the motivation to brush their teeth; maybe you have your own trouble brushing your teeth. For a more adult version of the Aquafresh Brush Time app, check out Brush DJ. The Brush DJ takes a song from your phone or tablet at random and plays two minutes of the song—the dentist-recommended two minutes you should be using to brush your teeth. When the song starts, start brushing your teeth; when the song is over, you’ll know you’ve brushed the two allocated minutes. Additionally, you can set reminders in the app for when you need to see your dentist and when you need to change your toothbrush. It also gives you the information you need on how to keep your mouth healthy, specific to age.

3. Brushing and whitening teeth

Use this app to time your tooth-brushing, get reminders about when to brush throughout the day or week, listen to music while you’re brushing, get relevant and valuable information about maintaining healthy, clean teeth and teaching your kids how to brush their teeth properly. 

4. Brush Monster – AR Toothbrushing Guide

This app is great for mastering the right technique when it comes to brushing your teeth, or for trying to teach your kids how to brush their teeth. You can also check your results. You can follow along with the image as you brush your teeth to make sure you don’t miss a single critical spot.

5. Learn Dentistry

Dental Expert is a guide for patients to understand every aspect of dentistry. This app helps teach different aspects of dentistry.

We’ve just given you a glimpse of the type of apps that are out there for your dental care needs. What has been your experience with dental apps? Share your stories below.

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