Did you know that 3 million Americans have dental implants, and that number grows by nearly 500,000 every year? Regarded as one of the safest and most predictable dental procedures, dental implants are fast becoming the treatment of choice for missing teeth lost to infection, injury, or decay. Regaining confidence in your smile is possible when you choose dental implant surgery.

Finding dental insurance that covers dental implants can be challenging as this type of procedure is classified as cosmetic dentistry. The majority of dental insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures, which means you’d pay completely out of pocket—but that’s not always the case. While you may be hard-pressed to find dental implant insurance, other options—like dental savings plans for implants—can make footing the bill a bit easier.

Gum Pain

Gum pain can not only be uncomfortable, but it can be worrisome. However, having red and tender gums isn’t necessarily a sign that you have major dental problems—in fact, it’s pretty common. Many things can cause gum inflammation, even something as simple as changing your toothpaste. 

Before you panic, there are some things you can try at home to find relief and get your gum health back to normal. In this guide, we’ll go over the potential causes of gum inflammation and how to treat swollen gums, so you can start feeling better. Read this post from start to finish for a complete overview of gum irritation and gum swelling treatment options. Otherwise, you can use the links below to find the section that best answers your question. 

Wondering how to do teeth whitening at home? It’s pretty easy and cost-effective. We’ll cover some of the most popular methods for teeth whitening at home, so you can achieve a brighter smile that makes you feel confident when you look in the mirror. 

As recent numbers still come in, U.S. unemployment is now between 13% and 16% due to the current worldwide pandemic. As pay-cuts and lay-offs become an ever-present reality, preparing for a “rainy-day” is a good idea to say the least. Understanding the times and learning how to adapt equals survival for you and your family. By following the five steps below, you’ll discover levels of financial security and independence that will allow you to survive in an uncertain economy.

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Braces aren’t just for kids; they’re for adults, too. And while you may have never pictured yourself with a “metal mouth” at this age, it is becoming more common for adults to get braces—and they’re not always the metal type either. Nearly 1 million Americans over 18 years of age visit an orthodontist and wear braces, so you definitely won’t be alone.

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Are you looking for cheap dental care at a good dentist?

Whether you’ve just moved to a new area, purchased a new insurance plan, or haven’t been to the dentist in a while, finding an affordable, trustworthy dentist can be a trying process. Keep reading for some tips on how to find a cheap dentist.

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