Updated: 1/22/2020 Do you have a bottle of mouthwash that sits on your bathroom counter only to be used once in a blue moon? We often forget or don’t think…

Alternative Uses for Mouthwash

Updated: 1/22/2020

Do you have a bottle of mouthwash that sits on your bathroom counter only to be used once in a blue moon? We often forget or don’t think about using mouthwash as a part of our daily routine – but mouthwash has proven to come in handy for more than just bad breath. Take a look at these refreshing and money-saving alternative uses for mouthwash.

1. Hygiene

Aside from the obvious use of cleansing your mouth, mouthwash can aid many hygiene-related emergencies, as listed below:

  • Face Cleanser. If you have an alcohol-based and sugar-free mouthwash, it can act exactly the same as a facial astringent. Simply apply to a clean face with a cotton ball and rinse afterward.
  • It may seem odd, but applying mouthwash with a cotton swab or towel works like a charm. This is great to keep in mind if you find yourself in a pinch!
  • Garlic Odor. As good as garlic tastes, it’s probably not the chosen perfume for date night. After eating garlic, you can get stuck with garlic breath, garlic hands…and just an overall garlic scent that is simply unappealing. Along with using mouthwash for its intended purpose, try rubbing a little on your hands and neck to defuse the smell.
  • Dandruff Remover. Mouthwash is designed to kill bacteria and fungus in the mouth, but it does the exact same thing if you use it outside of the mouth. Dandruff is actually caused by a fungus, which causes the scalp to be irritated and itchy. To let mouthwash work its magic, simply soak your hair in mouthwash and wrap it in a towel for 15 minutes. After that, wash your hair normally. Repeat if needed.

2. Health

Most of the uses of mouthwash from a health standpoint have to do with its anti-fungal properties and ingredients.

  • Mouthwash Uses for Health

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    Cut Disinfectant. Because most mouthwashes contain alcohol of some kind, they can act as a great disinfectant. Simply apply some to a cotton swab and gently wipe the cut – if it stings slightly, that’s normal.

  • Hand Sanitizer. As long as you use alcohol-based and sugar-free mouthwash, you are good to go for clean and fresh hands!
  • Bruise Treatment. Rubbing mouthwash over a bruise or soon-to-be bruised area will help cover up any injury that may have occurred.
  • Poison Ivy Treatment. While it is not an instant healing treatment, applying mouthwash to poison ivy relieves itchiness and speeds up the overall healing time.
  • Athlete’s Foot Treatment. If you have spray for athlete’s foot, that’s the best thing to use first. But if you find yourself in a tough spot, mouthwash will help, but it may sting slightly.
  • After-Piercing Care. After you get a piercing, professionals will tell you to buy a special treatment for keeping the area clean and safe from infection. A secret: mouthwash does the same thing. Just apply it a couple of times a day and you’re set!
  • Flea Repellant. For dogs or cats, a vet will suggest buying flea shampoo or spray to keep the pests off them, but mouthwash actually works well at keeping fleas away, too. You can either combine some mouthwash with your pet’s shampoo or create a spray by deluding it with water.

3. Home

Around the home, mouthwash can be used in a variety of ways, especially when it comes to cleaning!

  • Fresh Laundry. Sometimes, you just have that load of laundry that will not come out smelling fresh no matter what. In cases like this, adding a cup of mouthwash to the load helps eliminate odor and kills germs.
  • Clean Bathrooms. Mouthwash is a great agent for killing mold or mildew in bathroom sinks, counters, toilets, showers and bathtubs! After cleaning, your bathroom will look and smell minty fresh!
  • Garbage Disposal Cleaner. Ever sniff around the kitchen and notice something smells funky? More often than not, it’s the garbage disposal stinking up the whole room. An easy fix for this is pouring about ½ a cup of mouthwash down the disposal and – voila!
  • Computer Monitor Cleaner. This only works on glass monitors, but applying mouthwash with a damp rag to the screen helps clear off any smudges. This will not work well on LCD displays, so make sure you know which kind you have before you try it.

Isn’t it cool to hear all that mouthwash can do? For a similar article, take a look at the alternative uses for dental floss here.

What use will you be trying next in your home or on-the-go? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I loved this article. I think of the all the money I could have saved over the years — preventing fleas on my dogs and keeping the bathroom clean! It was a lot of fun to read.

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