An affordable family dental plan provides peace of mind with significant savings through a dental insurance alternative. When you need to take care of your family, you should not have to worry…

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Affordable Family Dental Plan Saves You Money

An affordable family dental plan provides peace of mind with significant savings through a dental insurance alternative. When you need to take care of your family, you should not have to worry about the cost. Going to the dentist is stressful enough by itself without going broke.

Whether your kids need braces, your spouse needs a root canal, or if you just need your regularly scheduled check-up and cleaning, a family dental plan will save you money every time you go to the dentist. Typically, members will find their bills reduced by half and in some cases even more. One program in particular has been shown to provide an average savings for a family of four in excess of $1,200 a year!

Why pay more?

Look no further for an excellent way to maintain oral health care without raiding your piggy bank. And everyone in your household can take advantage of it. Want to know who can benefit most from these programs?

They can be a big help for families who are:

1. In Pain

The problem: You, your spouse, son or daughter has a toothache or oral emergency and you need to see a dentist as soon as possible.

The good news: There is no waiting with a good family dental plan. You can access discounted fees right away. Compare this to most insurance where waiting periods can be a real frustration, especially when you are hurting.

2. Large (four or more)

The problem: Even when the primary breadwinner has insurance, the rest of your family may not be covered or you may reach your maximum limit too quickly. This leaves you paying out-of-pocket for the rest of year, which can really put a strain on your bank account.

The good news: With some programs, a family of three or more can receive significantly discounted rates at the dentist for only $17.95 a month, no matter how many people per family. That means you, your spouse, your kids and anyone else who is a dependent or lives with you can join the plan for only $17.95 a month. Everyone is included in one low price!

3. On a Budget

The problem: Money is tight and you may be living paycheck to paycheck.

The good news: You will pay only a low monthly membership cost and still receive significant savings at the dentist. Usually you save between 15% and 60% at the dentist. For example, in some areas the normal fee for an oral exam is $47 but with the Careington Care 500 family dental plan the fee is only $14 – that is over 70% less. Before you buy, make sure you are able to see the fees you would pay at the dentist ahead of time so you know whether or not you are really getting your money’s worth. For the most up-to-date treatment prices in your area, please visit the 1Dental fee schedule and enter your zip code.

4. Needing Braces

The problem: Kids need braces. It is a fact of life. Sometimes even adults need braces. Still, they are extremely expensive, costing thousands of dollars.

The good news: A family dental plan makes braces more affordable. Because braces are typically administered by a specialist called an orthodontist, the discounted price is around 15-20% off the price they quote for braces. This frequently means savings of $1,000 or more. Additionally, most orthodontists will allow you to set up payment plans that work together with your discount plan to make payments easier.

5. Tired of Plans that Don’t Work

The problem: Some plans make big promises but do not make much difference when the dentist gives you the bill.

The good news: There are dependable plans out there. Reliable dentists and trustworthy service are essential parts of a quality program. Of course, providers will vary, but you should check out how long a plan has been around, how many members they have and how many dentists participate in their network. These points will give you a better idea of the dependability of the organization. A great plan you may want to check out first is from Careington, the first family dental plan provider in the United States. Careington began in 1979 and has an extensive customer and provider base.

Closing Thoughts…

Finding the best plan option for you and your family will not only grant you the care you need but also the peace of mind you want. Make sure you do your research, and you can find the best plan for your family today.

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