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Affordable Dentist in Alabama

Affordable Dentist in Alabama

By Susan Braden
Affordable Dentist in Alabama

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you wondering if there is such a thing as a cheap dentist in Alabama? Affordable dental care might seem like something you can only dream about, but that really is not the case. Alabamians have access to numerous cost effective dental plans that can furnish dramatic savings. Here are just a few resources to get you started in your search.



Medicaid is a partnership between the federal government and the state of Alabama whose mission is to provide assistance to children, people with disabilities, and adults with severely low incomes.

  • One of its most vital features is a child-centered program that provides people under 21 with comprehensive routine and emergency dental care.
  • However, adults are not nearly so lucky. In fact, Alabamians over 21 receive no assistance at all from Medicaid with dental care.


Senior citizens and people with disabilities are usually eligible for Medicare. This federal program helps with the cost of hospitalization, nursing home care, rehabilitation, and medical equipment.

  • By law, Medicare cannot pay for any routine dental services such as routine cleanings, fillings, dentures, bridges, etc.
  • The only dental care it will cover are procedures that must happen as parts of other medical operations. For example, Medicare will not normally fund tooth extractions, but it will do so if your teeth must be removed as a necessary part of reconstructive jaw surgery after an accident.
  • Therefore, Medicare beneficiaries need to look elsewhere for help in finding a cheap dentist or affordable dental care.

Alliance HealthCard Gold Card

For just $164.95 per year, an individual can enjoy discounts of 30-60% on most dental procedures. Here’s a sample of the savings:

  • Adult teeth cleaning: $46
  • Surface white filling for front tooth: $61
  • Porcelain crown: $541
  • Single tooth extraction: $56
  • Root canal treatment for front tooth: $313

UNI-Care 200 Discount Dental Plan

An individual pays only $149.95 per year for this affordable dental plan. It has the benefit of offering discounts on orthodontia as well. Here’s a sample of how you’ll save:

  • Adult teeth cleaning: $34
  • White filling for front tooth: $62
  • Porcelain crown on noble metal: $519
  • Root canal treatment on front tooth:  $287
  • Full upper denture before discount: $660

Careington 500 Series Dental Plan

$119 per year is all you’ll pay for this comprehensive program. It offers most dental services at 20-60% savings, including unlimited cleanings. Better still, you’ll never contend with paperwork, deductibles, or waiting periods.

  • Adult teeth cleaning: $34
  • White filling for front tooth: $60
  • Porcelain crown: $557
  • Root canal treatment for front tooth: $320
  • Full upper denture: $701

For the most up-to-date treatment prices in your area, please visit the fee schedule and enter your zip code.


High quality, affordable dental care is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and to those who love you. After all, good oral health translates into better overall well-being. Recent studies have linked tooth decay to serious or life-threatening conditions such as stroke and heart disease. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to find a cheap dentist who offers the premium services you and your teeth deserve. So treat yourself to one of these discount dental plans today.

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