Updated: 2/5/2020 We all want a smile that can speak volumes, serving as a valuable asset to how we present ourselves. But if you find that you can’t afford what’s…

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Achieving that Big Beautiful Smile in 6 Little Steps

Updated: 2/5/2020

We all want a smile that can speak volumes, serving as a valuable asset to how we present ourselves. But if you find that you can’t afford what’s needed to achieve that Million Dollar Smile, consider the more natural ways you can improve it.

Focus on the Gums

You may feel that the cause of your smile woes is the color of your teeth, but the condition of your gums can make a huge difference on your smile’s appearance. Be sure to floss often, and when brushing make sure to scrub in circular motions around the gum line for optimal cleaning. By maintaining good gum health, the nice pink color will compliment your pearly whites better.

Choose the Right Lip Color

If you’re in the habit of wearing lipstick or lip gloss, make sure your tint has a blue hue rather than orange. Orange-tinted pinks and reds tend to bring out more yellow in your smile, while blue helps your teeth look bright and white. Depending on your skin tone, some colors may flatter your smile more than others as well.

Switch to Baking Soda Toothpaste

In lieu of a teeth-whitening process, you can switch over to baking soda-based toothpaste for your daily brushing. While it won’t bleach your teeth, it’s very effective for helping prevent stains and protecting your enamel. You’ll notice a significant difference in your teeth with consistent usage.

Brush After Drinking Coffee/Soda

To further protect your teeth from dark stains and cavities, make sure to brush your teeth after every coffee or soda beverage you have. It’s best for your teeth to try and avoid these substances entirely, but as long as you keep up a consistent brushing habit (even when it’s in the middle of the day) you can support a beautiful, healthy smile.

Widen Lip Line

For a smile that truly pops, use lip liner and gloss to deceive the world about the size of your grin. Outline a new “lip line” around your actual one, keeping it subtle but opening up the size of your lips. Fill in the space with the lip liner, and apply gloss over it. Instantly your smile will appear wider and fuller than it was before.

Wrinkle Management

The final touch to any perfect smile is managing the wrinkles around it. A smoother area around a smile can help it look radiant and youthful without much effort. Usually, anti-wrinkle cream can work pretty effectively, but a Juvederm injection is the most fool-proof option for tough wrinkle-fighting action.

These tips don’t have to take up much of your time or money, but they can be extremely effective if practiced regularly. Invisalign braces are also a fairly affordable option for those looking to straighten their teeth, but there are plenty of low-maintenance tips at your disposal. Experiment with these tips before going out for an expensive treatment or procedure, and you just might discover how beautiful your smile can be naturally.

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  1. Good article. Most folks don’t think that in order to have a great smile they need to treat their gums with care by flossing regularly. Most of the time patients are concerned about teeth whitening and are surprised when I recommend that they floss. Brushing after drinking coffee and tea is also a good idea.

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