Updated: 3/3/2020 At the start of the New Year, sometimes it’s nice to look back on the year that has been. For the year of 2014, our 1Dental blog has…

1Dental’s Most Popular Articles of 2014

Updated: 3/3/2020

At the start of the New Year, sometimes it’s nice to look back on the year that has been. For the year of 2014, our 1Dental blog has had some great growth. We’ve covered topics that have ventured from the dental sphere to health and then back again. As we looked back over the year, we compiled a list of blog posts that you, based on your feedback through social engagement and activity, have found to be the best/most interesting.

Here is a quick recap and our list for 1Dental’s Most Popular Articles of 2014:

1. 21 Natural Ways to Relieve Pain










Dealing with everyday pains can be, well, a pain. That’s why we compiled a list of natural remedies that you can use to treat some of the minor, everyday pains you might experience—from headaches to stomachaches to back pain.

You can use water for aiding in digestion, lemon for improving your digestive system (although remember to rinse out your mouth afterward to protect your teeth!), oranges as a great source of fiber and the list goes on and on.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: These natural remedies should never count as a substitute for something your doctor has recommended you take. While these natural remedies may offer some relief, they cannot treat serious conditions that you should be seeing a doctor about.

2. Top 5 Pediatric Dentists on Social Media for 2014

Top 5 Pediatric Dentists for 1Dental's Most Popular Articles of 2014








As a parent, choosing the right dentist for your child can be tough. With social media, you can get a glimpse of what the office is like. Will it be a safe environment for your kids, will they have fun when they go to the dentist and will the dentist help you know how to help your child with their dental care? These are just some of the questions parents are confronted with when trying to find a good dentist for their kids.

As a way to aid in this search, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Pediatric Dentists on Social Media so you can see how some dentists relate to their patients via social media. This list can act as a list of potential dentists you could take your child to if you live nearby or it can merely be a model for what to look for in a dental practice. And while there are still plenty of great pediatric dentists out there who are not yet active on social media, using social media to aid in your search for a pediatric dentist is just one way to help you find the right dentist for your child.

3. How Can Medical Conditions Affect Your Oral Health?

Medical Conditions & Oral Health for 1Dental's Most Popular Articles of 2014

Photo by Colum O’Dwyer / CC-ND










If you’ve followed the 1Dental blog for long, you know we are constantly harping on the fact that your overall health affects your dental health and your dental health affects your overall health. We don’t plan on slowing down on this known fact either, as it is very important! Here, you’ll discover how medical conditions and what you often take for them can impact your dental health and what you can do to combat it.

4. Grocery Store Tour: How to Shop and Eat Healthier

Grocery Store Tour for 1Dental's Most Popular Articles of 2014













Want to learn how to shop for healthier food? I sure did! Shopping for healthier food can be tough when you don’t seem to have the time, the money or the knowledge for how to do so. If you’re like me and would like to know how to shop for healthier food but you just don’t know how, check out this Grocery Store Tour.

In this post, you’ll go through the Grocery Store Tour I embarked on with my friend and registered dietitian, Jessie Zoller. You’ll learn some great, quick tips on how to go through the grocery store shopping for healthier food, and you’ll be happy you did.

5. Kids Dental Care in the Movies

Kids Dental Care in the Movies for 1Dental's Most Popular Articles of 2014







This post is a lot of fun for kids! If your kids like movies—I mean, what kid doesn’t, right?—then they’ll love going through these great kids’ movies that have a kids’ dental lesson incorporated into a scene or two.

Sit with your kids and discover how their favorite characters take care of their teeth just like they should be doing daily. It may have you watching more closely when you’re watching movies with your kids!

6. 23 Healthy Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes for 1Dental's Most Popular Articles of 2014

Photo by GeneralMills / CC BY-NC-ND









While Thanksgiving may be over, who’s to say you can’t use some of these recipes throughout the year? And it’s never too early to start planning for your next Thanksgiving meal, right? (I’m sure there will be some debate on that).

Whether you intend to use these recipes again next year or just want to check out the post, see our 23 Healthy Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Meal.

7. What to Do When Your Child Has a Fever

When Your Child Has A Fever for 1Dental's Most Popular Articles of 2014

Photo by Kourtlyn Lott / CC BY-ND










No one likes to see their kids get sick. It’s common for parents to sometimes overreact to symptoms they see their kids exhibiting when there’s really nothing to worry about. Discover what you can do, as a parent, when your child has a fever.

8. What Kind of Halloween Candy Should You Buy?

Candy Corn for 1Dental's Most Popular Articles of 2014

Photo by Corey Holms / CC BY-NC-ND










We wouldn’t be a proper dental blog if we didn’t talk about Halloween Candy and your teeth each year, would we? This year, we decided to talk about some alternatives to candy that you could buy for Halloween instead of warning you about how detrimental some candy can be to your kids’ teeth—and it can, mind you. But Halloween is a fun time for kids and there should be ways to make it fun while also safeguarding their dental health. Discover which candies are the worst for your kids’ teeth and what some alternatives would be.

9. 10 Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Stress

stress ball

All of those natural remedies topics were certainly popular this year. They can be extremely effective though. For this post, we decided to talk about two feelings that many people experience—feelings of which can negatively affect your overall health if you aren’t careful—anxiety and stress.

There are many natural remedies to help reduce anxiety and relieve stress, from herbs to exercise to getting a good night’s sleep. If you suffer from anxiety and stress and missed our post on 10 natural remedies that can help, see above.

10. Learning to Persevere as a Family Caregiver

making food

Being a family caregiver isn’t something that is often talked about, but it’s vitally important and happening around us every day. Your parents may be caring for a family member, your grandparents may be caring for a spouse or another family member or you may be in a similar situation. If you are, we’d like to encourage you with these helpful tips for persevering as a family caregiver.

At times, you may want to quit, throw in the towel, pass the job off to someone else, but the truth of the matter is that your loved one needs you to be there for them and care for them. How can you manage it, while also taking care of your own needs?

Other Resources

Although we don’t often mention it, we also have a great articles section that you can find at www.1dental.com/articles. There you’ll find additional helpful topics covering dental, dental plans, dental insurance, sports and health. From this section, we’ve also had a great year where many of you have enjoyed reading what we’ve written. Here were our Top 5 Articles from our articles’ section in 2014:

    1. No Dental Insurance but Need a Tooth Pulled. If you need some quick facts and prices related to having your tooth pulled, and having a tooth pulled without dental insurance, check out our most popular article on the web.
    2. Toothache Home Remedies – A List of Natural Remedies. You all love your home remedies! Here are some more. These home remedies are very helpful when you have a toothache and are unable to get to the dentist right away to have it treated. Remember, these remedies are only for temporary relief. You’ll still want to see a dentist as soon as possible to find out what the root of the problem is.
    3. Finding Dental Insurance that Covers Implants – Dental Insurance Tips. Dental implants are a desired dental device if you are in need of better and new teeth. They’re often a better solution to dentures. However, if you aren’t a celebrity or a Rockefeller, being able to afford the cost of dental implants is a stretch. Find out what dental insurance covers and some dental insurance tips for dealing with this type of dental procedure.
    4. Dental Insurance for Braces & Orthodontics. Whether you’re an adult, teenager or child, knowing all that you can about braces before you get them is important. Discover what questions you should be asking your dentist/orthodontist, what you can expect from the treatment and how you can make this dental device more affordable.
    5. Is Dental Coverage Included in Obama’s Health Care Bill? It’s a sensitive subject for many and one that we dug deep into many times this year and last. Find out more about it in some of our other posts covering the topic, as well:

What was your favorite article or blog post of 1Dental’s in 2014? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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