Updated: 2/5/2020 Christmas is now behind us—can you believe it’s already over?—and it’s time to start preparing for the New Year. Do you have your New Year’s Resolutions written out…

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10 Healthy Habits to Make Your New Year’s Resolution

Updated: 2/5/2020

Christmas is now behind us—can you believe it’s already over?—and it’s time to start preparing for the New Year. Do you have your New Year’s Resolutions written out already? If not, here are ten healthy habits you may want to consider including in your New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Control Your Portions

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose some weight, this is a great way to start. If you control your portions and stick with it, you’ll notice the difference in no time.

2. Be Active

Adults should aim for 30 minutes of daily activity to get moving. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, this is a healthy habit to develop. We were made to move around, but so many of us rarely have to. We sit at work, we sit in our cars and we sit at home. It’s time to increase that physical activity and get moving. Another important step to being active is establishing a strength-training routine. Lifting small weights or even practicing some other exercises without equipment can help in your strength training. With just ten minutes of strength training a day, you could gain more energy, develop stronger bones and have a faster metabolism.

3. Quit Smoking

It’s time to kick the habit. Everyone knows, and I’m sure you know too, that smoking is bad for you. However, knowing that and stopping is really hard to do. The first step is making the decision that you are going to stop smoking and get some help. This could be through accountability, a support group or even with products that were made to help you stop smoking, like patches, for example.

4. Rediscover Your Kitchen

Our culture loves our fast food and dine-in restaurants. However, did you know you can actually live a much healthier lifestyle if you make the decision to start cooking more from home? When you cook at home, you have more control over what goes into your food and how much you will dish out onto your plate. This will help with that portion control you wrote as your number one New Year’s resolution! You will be able to save calories and save some of your money as well. And if you can’t resist the urge to go out to eat, see How to Dine Responsibly: Eating Healthier on a Low Budget.

5. Adopt a New Health Perspective

Many people tend to give up pretty easily when it comes to maintaining good health. It’s important to understand that your health is a continuum—you should never stop trying to maintain good health—rather than a short diet you’re trying to accomplish. Think of every decision as something that can improve your health: Do I want that piece of chocolate cake or would it be better if I ate the piece of fruit that’s in the kitchen right now? By choosing healthy foods and habits, you move closer to good health and not further away. And another word of encouragement: Don’t give up if you mess up. Pick yourself up and keep going!

6. Escape the Technology Age

At least once a day, turn off your electronics—phones, television, computers, etc.—and take a break. Spend an hour, several hours, or a full day off your computer, games or cell phone. We are dialed in so much today that we are more stressed than ever. Also, with the amount of information seen through these technologies, research has found that this constant intake of information can lead to depression, social anxiety, allergies and job burnout.

7. A Clean Home is a Happy Home

Another stress factor we experience is dealing with a cluttered home, whether we think it stresses us out or not. Living in the clutter can steal your energy and make you more tired and stressed. Decide to clean up your home once or twice a week. It will help your health immensely.

8. Take Control of Your Finances

Establish an emergency fund. If you do this, then most surprises that come your way won’t be as devastating because you have prepared for such a time as that. Additionally, reduce your credit card use for the entire year and create a monthly budget—how much will you spend on food that month, gas, hobbies, entertainment, bills, etc. Look at how much you will be bringing in and budget realistically. For help getting started, read more about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University to see how you can start saving money now.

9. Be Generous

A healthy habit to adopt is generosity. Giving away some of your income to someone in need or a helpful organization that helps those in need, going out of your way for another person who may have nothing or volunteering at a homeless shelter or another organization can be a great way to give back to your community and also lift your spirit in the process.

10. Maintain Good Dental Health

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once a day and attending your regular dental checkups are all great ways to maintain good dental care. To see the health benefits you can obtain from daily brushing, see 7 Health Benefits of Daily Brushing.

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